Facing Europe

What dialogues does literature establish with post-1945 Europe, both within literature itself and in intertextual relation with other forms of art? How does writing explore the identity and borders of a plural continent, ancient but at the same time constantly reinventing itself, particularly in the last seventy years? What are the desires, questions, and protests that the history and confluence of civilizations, the inclusion and exclusion of peoples keep describing and force us to re-describe with each new art work? Finally, how does artistic creation reinvent Europe itself, suggesting new models of sharing experience?

The knowledge base Europe facing Europe seeks to answer these questions through progressive and collaborative research, selecting and systematising various contemporary creators’ views on Europe, analysing how different works specifically deal with the continent, and allowing for a global and comparative reading of the representations of a common History.
The base is directly linked to the studies on the concepts of borders and inclusion policy conducted at the Institute for Comparative Literature. It is in permanent dialogue with the Institute’s complementary lines of research, especially with Inter/ transculturalities, as it considers the confluence of perspectives on Europe in several languages and from different European spaces, and Intermedialities, as it explicitly or implicitly involves representations of Europe through film and images.
The knowledge base is, by its very nature, a work-in-progress, revealing how new art works reflect on Europe today. It is also a collective endeavour, relying on the collaboration of different generations of national and international researchers, of experts in fictional prose and poetry, cinema and other visual arts. The knowledge created through this discourse experimentation is encapsulated and then disseminated through the digital universe so as to foster a vaster dialogue and debate on a subject of irreducible plurality.

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